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Getting Started with Generative AI: Citing AI-Generated Content

A guide providing foundational information on generative AI, plus recommended readings and courses to learn more.

Before you cite AI-generated content

Before citing AI-generated content in your work:

  1. Check with your instructor on whether such use of AI is acceptable for that particular assignment.
  2. Think carefully about whether it is appropriate to cite AI. If you are citing in support of a fact or argument, you should not cite AI-generated information since AI tools may produce inaccurate data and make up sources that don't exist. Instead, cite reliable information sources like reference works or peer-reviewed journal articles.

Citation styles

APA recommends citing information generated with AI tools like ChatGPT as a personal communication since the discussion is not retrievable by other readers.


OpenAI. (2023). ChatGPT (Mar 14 version) [Large language model].

In-text citation:

Parenthetical citation: (OpenAI, 2023)
Narrative citation: OpenAI (2023)

APA guideline: How to cite ChatGPT