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Hong Kong Baptist University Hong Kong Baptist University Library

Exhibition Online: Traces 跡


Venue: L3, Au Shue Hung Memorial Library
Date: 14 Apr - 11 May, 2023
*If you do not have access to the Library and wish to visit the exhibition, please contact us to make arrangement.
*Exhibition will be closed 30 minutes before the Library closes. Library opening hours here.
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About the Exhibition


《跡》:商業設計高級文憑 (珠寶設計及商品展示) 2023 畢業展

華夏文化融匯了各地不同的地域文化, 其獨特的意象元素在設計中得到完美的延續。香港浸會大學持續教育學院商業設計高級文憑的同學,以中華文化為題,並運用創新的手法將中國的傳統與習俗融入當代首飾設計之中。古人留下的各種足跡,遠至上古山海經,近至對中國女權的思考,內容目不暇給,為當代珠寶首飾注入了新力量。

“Traces”: Higher Diploma in Commercial Design (Jewellery Design and Visual Merchandising) 2023 Graduation Exhibition

The images and elements encompassed in Chinese cultural heritage have been seamlessly utilized and continued in art and design. Students of Higher Diploma in Commercial Design of the School of Continuing Education at Hong Kong Baptist University have incorporated traditional concepts, customs, and reflections on the past into contemporary jewelry design. The footprints left by ancient people and their essence have been inherited, while their flaws have been reflected upon, covering various topics such as the ancient "Mountain and Sea Classics" and modern reflections on women's rights in China. The designs are diverse and inject new vitality into contemporary jewelry.

Virtual Exhibition

Exhibition Highlights