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Exhibition Online: last night i saw a red worm on a long bench


Venue: Au Shue Hung Memorial Library
Date: 5 - 31 Oct, 2022
*This exhibition is restricted to HKBU eligible users only
*In the event of special conditions, exhibition hours may vary
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About the Exhibition




"last night i saw a red worm on a long bench" comprises the outcomes originating from encounters occurring in moments of respite. Swinging between the desires of “fleeing from” or “surrendering to” the gravity of reality, one would likely be swept by the spiral of changes or backlash that comes with it. When life becomes a continuous burden of survival, even terse breaks may fail to drag one’s body and mind from the unavoidable.

Sinking and floating, time and again in the thick and thin of their lives, three students created this exhibition and its works, which feature 18 pieces of paintings and drawings. These pieces of art emerged through the responses of these students’ under gravity of reality.

參展學生 Participating Students: Cindy Shum, Karen Chan, Queenie Yuen

Virtual Exhibition

Exhibition Highlights