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Hong Kong Baptist University Hong Kong Baptist University Library

Exhibition Online: IWW 2017- Writer in Residence - Ms. Li Zi Shu



Level 3, Au Shue Hung Memorial Library


11 April - 11 May, 2017


About the Exhibition


To celebrate this year's IWW Writer-in-Residence, an exhibition on Ms. Li Zi Shu (黎紫書) will be held in the library lobby from 11th April. Not only you can view the author's publications, her manuscripts which is part of her donations to the library is also on display. You can find more information from Internationals Writers' Workshop.

Li Zi Shu
Li Zi Shu is a Malaysian novelist. She has won numerous literary awards including the Hua Zong Literary Award (Malaysia), UDN Literary Award (Taiwan) and China Times Literary Award (Taiwan). Her novels have been published in Malaysia, Taiwan and China, these include The Years of Remembrance, Wild Buddha, Gateway to Heaven and The Inevitable Coincidence. She writes prose as well, and two compilations were published with the titles Of [Disordered Timeline] and [The Pause Button]. Her work as a columnist for Ming Pao Monthly (Hong Kong) have been compiled and published in into book, Solo.(translation by Jennifer Shih Carson).



年份 作品 獎譽 頒獎機構
1992 〈把她寫進小說裡〉 第三屆「花蹤文學獎」小說首獎 馬來西亞《星洲日報》
1996 〈蛆魘〉 第十八屆「聯合報文學獎」短篇小說首獎 台灣《聯合報》
1997 〈推開閣樓之窗〉 第四屆「花蹤文學獎」馬華小說首獎 馬來西亞《星洲日報》
1997 〈畫皮〉 第四屆「花蹤文學獎」散文首獎 馬來西亞《星洲日報》
1999 〈流年〉 第五屆「花蹤文學獎」馬華小說首獎 馬來西亞《星洲日報》
1999 〈山瘟〉 第廿二屆「聯合報文學獎」短篇小說首獎 灣《聯合報》
2000 〈國北邊陲〉 第六屆「花蹤文學獎」世界華文小說首獎 馬來西亞《星洲日報》
2003 〈夢見飛行〉 第六屆「花蹤文學獎」散文佳作獎 馬來西亞《星洲日報》
2004 〈我們一起看飯島愛〉 第廿八屆「時報文學獎」短篇小說評審獎 台灣《中國時報》
2008 《告別的年代》 年度十大中文小說 香港《亞洲週刊》
2008 / 第十一屆「花蹤文學獎」馬華文學大獎 馬來西亞《星洲日報》
2008 《告別的年代》 開卷年度好書 台灣《中國時報》
2008 《告別的年代》 第四屆「紅樓夢獎」專家推薦獎 香港浸會大學
2008 《告別的年代》 方修文學獎 小說首獎 新加坡熱帶文學藝術俱樂部
2008 / 第四屆南洋華文文學獎 新加坡南洋理工大學孔子學院

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