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Exhibition Online: 「藝林築跡」 - 香港社區藝術與歷史建築 Footprints of Art In The Community


Venue: Au Shue Hung Memorial Library
Date: 12 April - 2 July, 2018

About the Exhibition




在此衷心感謝策展顧問吳秀華博士、蕭文衍、鄭浩彤的指導和協助,並共同完成是次展覽的整合,也感謝James Ellis博士對是次展出作品的寶貴意見。

策展團隊: 雷恩兒、楊雪怡、毛穎芯、樊汝卿、李康悅

Featuring selected artworks from the students of the Art in the 20th Century courses (VART2305, VART2306) of the Academy of Visual Arts, Footprints of Art in the Community is an exhibition that traces a journey through the exploration of local art, culture, history and heritages around us in Hong Kong. This exhibition displays our research and artworks including short documentary videos, visual diaries and a handmade book, which tell you the history and the stories behind various local communities’ art and old architecture, and their relationship with the people living there. Every community has its own unique cultural identities because of its exceptional geographical features. Art and architecture also reflect their changes and development.

Have you ever dreamed you were running along the "Wedding Card Street", but woke up with a feeling of sadness and loss? Have you ever thought about the reasons for the decline and sudden disappearance of the dazzling Ritz Nightclub and its transformation into a peaceful residential area? Community art and historic buildings have inextricable connections with our daily lives. In this exhibition, we present both existing and no longer existing artworks and historic buildings through various media and experience these vibrant and unique artistic neighborhoods together.

This exhibition is generated with the supervision and assistance of Dr. Sarah Ng, Manfred Xiao and Andy Cheng. Special thanks to Dr. James Ellis for his comments and advice as well.

Curatorial team: Mindy Lui, Val Yang, Tess Mo, Amy Fan, Connie Lee

Exhibition Highlights