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SPSS: SPSS manuals

Learning resources for SPSS

SPSS Manuals

IBM SPSS Statistics 26 manuals

The IBM manuals explain the different functions and operations of SPSS. Available in different languages including English and Traditional Chinese. Please note that the SPSS installed on campus computers may not cover all of the functions listed in the manuals.


Click here to see the full IBM SPSS Statistics 26 documentations & manuals


Manuals in English & Traditional Chinese

GPL Reference Guide for IBM SPSS Statistics [ENG]
Advanced Statistics [ENG | CHI]
Bootstrapping [ENG | CHI]
Categories [ENG | CHI]
Complex Samples [ENG | CHI]
Conjoint [ENG | CHI]
Custom Tables [ENG | CHI]
Data Preparation [ENG | CHI]
Decision Trees [ENG | CHI]
Direct Marketing [ENG | CHI]
Exact Tests [ENG]
Forecasting [ENG | CHI]
Missing Values [ENG | CHI]
Neural Network [ENG | CHI]
Regression [ENG | CHI]
Statistics Algorithms [ENG]
Statistics Base [ENG | CHI]
Statistics Brief Guide [ENG | CHI]
Statistics Command Syntax Reference [ENG]
Statistics Core System User Guide [ENG | CHI]