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Government & International Studies Subject Guide: Background Info & Books

Reference sources

Finding background information

When you are new to a topic, library-subscribed reference sources can help you define key terms and gain a general understanding. These are similar to Wikipedia, except that they are more authoritative. You can use such sources in your assignments with confidence.

Here are some reference sources that are particularly relevant to Government and International Studies:

Sage Video

 Sage Video - Politics & International Relations

Prefer to multimedia to text? This collection of over 300 videos features experts on subjects such as international migration, political philosophy, and the international relations of China.

In the example below, Prof. Keith Dowding of the Australian National University explains the concept of political power. Check out the full collection for similar videos!

Screenshot of a video from SAGE



The Library has hundreds of thousands of books, both online and in print. They range from introductory texts to in-depth scholarly studies of specialized topics. Search our vast collection with OneSearch.

Access OneSearch

Tips for using OneSearch to find books:

  • Filter your results so that only books appear in the results list
  • Limit your search to the subject field to increase relevancy

Detailed Guide to OneSearch 

Recommended books

Here are some highlights from the Library's book collection relevant to Government & International Studies: