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Government & International Studies Subject Guide: Organize & cite your sources

Manage your sources

Manage your sources

Everyone will approach the collection and organization of research sources in different ways to suit their own preferences. However, the following advice generally applies:

  • For electronic sources, download copies and back them up to the cloud
  • For every source, take good notes and record page number references for text that you want to quote/paraphrase
  • Ensure that you record sufficient details about each source so you can cite it properly
  • Use an online research manager to help you (see below)

Cite your sources

 Cite your sources

Government & International Studies students will commonly be asked to use APA Style to cite their sources. However, always check with your professor if you are not sure which style you are expected to use in an assignment.

Click here for the Library's guide to APA Style 

Documentary collections

 Online research managers

Organizing and citing your sources can be challenging, but fortunately there are several free online tools to help you. These allow you to:

  • Save copies of the sources that you have found, and back them up to the cloud
  • Make notes and highlights on PDF copies that you have saved
  • Automatically generate in-text citations and bibliographies

The Library recommends the following tools:

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