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E-books Guide @ HKBU Library: Home

Everything you need to know about finding and using e-books in HKBU Library and beyond.

What is an e-book?

What is an e-book?
The term "e-book" (also "ebook" or "eBook") is an abbreviation for "electronic book". The term is used to refer to a digital publication that is created to be read on any device with a screen. Dedicated devices for reading e-books such as the Amazon Kindle are referred to as e-book readers.

E-books can be published in a range of different file formats, for example, PDF, ePub, and MOBI.

The above definition is adapted from A Dictionary of Publishing, Oxford University Press, 2019.  


Why use e-books?

E-book advantages



  • With remote access, e-books are there when you need them; not just during library opening hours.
  • Full-text searching helps save your time when looking for relevant sections, passages, and quotations.
  • E-books are easier to carry around when they are stored on your laptop, tablet, e-book reader, or phone.

What is an e-book, and why is reading a library e-book any different?

Why are there so many different e-book platforms at the Library?

We purchase e-books on many different platforms in order to get the best value for the Library's limited collection budget. Although all of our e-books are searchable in one place (OneSearch) this does mean that you will need to navigate different platforms to access our e-book content. Additionally, e-book publishers may place restrictions on how their books are used, so different e-books may have different levels of access, even if they are on the same platform!

Generally speaking, most e-books will allow you to download and save at least a portion of the content. Exactly how much depends on the publisher. Increasingly, more publishers are allowing library patrons to download entire e-books without restrictions.

Some of our e-book platforms allow you to "borrow" their e-books. However, the Library usually advises against this as the loan periods are generally short, and you will need to download special software and set up a separate account with the e-book platform.

Explore this guide to learn more about how to find and use e-books available at HKBU Library! Feel free to ask a librarian if you need help.

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