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Lights in Time: Lighthouses of Malacca, Matsu and Penghu – Digital Humanities at CityU Library

by Pauline Lam on 2018-06-01T12:35:00+08:00 | 0 Comments

Many HKBU staff will remember the 2017 Fall Symposium on Digital Humanities on campus event that attracted a full house of participants from across Hong Kong’s tertiary institutions; Digital Humanities (DH) has now firmly established itself as a dynamic and exciting field of research and teaching that explores the more and more multi-disciplinary landscape of academia. 

Three HKBU librarians, including University Librarian Kendall Crilly, Digital Multimedia Services Section Head Rebekah Wong and Scholarly Communications Librarian Pauline Lam, recently had the pleasure to attend City University of Hong Kong Library’s “Light in Time” Digital Humanities event. The exhibition focused on different lighthouses in Malacca, Matsu and Penghu with a mixture of themes brought together after numerous field-studies by CityU's teachers and students.

The exhibition showcased the result of CityU’s PATCH (Preserving and Appraising Traditional Cultural Heritage) project, a multi-disciplinary presentation spanning from language to economics, and history to architecture. On display were artifacts, maps, images, documentary videos as well as architectural drawings that gathered together insights into the significance of maritime history. Of particular interest were the Virtual Reality experience at CityU’s CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) that took us “inside” three different lighthouses; and the opportunity to peek into different times of maritime history via the TimelineJS software.

The PATCH Project Team’s creative and collaborative approach to a traditional theme, that of a lighthouse located at Taiwan’s Penghu Island, was fascinating. The work on display, including the resulting videos, were woven together by teachers and students from CityU’s Department of Media and Communication, assisted by the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering with their cultural heritage preservation research projects, along with the participation of the Department of Linguistics and Translation - a truly multi-disciplinary integration of works.

At HKBU Library, we share this strong dedication in supporting the rapidly growing DH movement. Over the past few years, we have completed over ten exciting projects working alongside many faculty members, including the sharing of research data, scholarly resources, and cultural information to help facilitate public access. See here for a portfolio of these fascinating projects:

The “Lights in Time” Exhibition is currently on until July 31, 2018 at City University of Hong Kong Library at Kowloon Tong. For more information, visit the following websites:

Event website:
Documentary videos:
Lighthouse timeline:

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