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Hong Kong Baptist University Hong Kong Baptist University Library

Quick Guide to OneSearch: Starting Your Search

Tips and pointers on using HKBU Library's OneSearch!

What is OneSearch?

  • The Library's main search tool 
  • A starting point to find Library materials 
  • Provides a basic search box as well as advanced search options
  • Covers all HKBU collections (e.g. books, multimedia items) and 60% - 70% of content from various databases


How do I search in OneSearch?

  • If you are looking for a specific item, such as a book, start by searching the title of the book (e.g. The basic principles of effective consulting)
  • If you are looking for information on a topic, start by searching for keywords related to that topic (e.g. talent management)
  • Make use of the filters on the right to refine your results