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Popular Books Collection: Current Theme

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Our sincere gratitude goes to the many HKBU staff who helped us create and maintain this Popular Books Collection.

Special appreciation goes to Hui Ka Yin for her efforts in collection relocation, Queeny Chan / Mandy Wong for preparing this guide. 

Theme for May and July 2020

Fast Food & Street Food

We all love food! Fast and Street Food for most of us is part of our daily life, about which there are lots of interesting stories and findings to tell. They include food technology, cuisine, health science, franchise management, collective memory and many more. Please make a visit to our May-July book exhibition at the Main Library, Fast and Street Food, and the visit will be definitely worth it!




Popular Books Collection

The Popular Books Collection is a frequently changing collection intended to provide recreational and leisure reading for the HKBU community.  

We highlight our collection regularly with a particular theme of interests.

          We are temporarily re-located on Level 3 of the Main Library at HKBU. 

The Popular Books Interest Group consists of Katie Lai, Lee Ka Wai, and Wing Woo.