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Popular Books Collection: Current Theme

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Our sincere gratitude goes to the many HKBU staff who helped us create and maintain this Popular Books Collection.

Special appreciation goes to Hui Ka Yin for her efforts in collection relocation, Queeny Chan / Mandy Wong for preparing this guide. 

Theme for November to December 2019

People and the Power

A government serves its people. A constitution restricts the government and those in power. But when officials in high positions go against the wills of those they serve and misuse the authorities given to them by their very own people, histories again and again tell that armed forces and totalitarian regime could not win. With the commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, let us look at the history and revisit the power of people in the world.



Popular Books Collection

The Popular Books Collection is a frequently changing collection intended to provide recreational and leisure reading for the HKBU community.  

We highlight our collection regularly with a particular theme of interests.

We are located on Level 2 of the Main Library at HKBU. 

The Popular Books Interest Group consists of Katie Lai, Lee Ka Wai, and Wing Woo.