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Introduction to Python Programming: Home

Introduction to Python Programming

Learning basic Python programming is not difficult. This 3-hour hands-on workshop (conducted by Eric Chow, April 2020) introduces basic concepts in computer programming and the Python programming language. No prior programming knowledge is necessary. Before you begin, you will need:

  • A PC or laptop running either Windows or MacOS operating system
  • Download and install Anaconda, which is a free software for writing and running Python programming code, from (available for both Windows and MacOS). After installation, run Anaconda and choose Spyder.




Don't have time to view the 3-hour tutorial? Here is a series of short video tutorials (Cantonese - 廣東話) on basic programming concepts in Python. Putonghua (普通話) version of the videos are also available here.

1. Numbers and Basic Calculations

2. Working with Strings

3. Using Function and Method

4. Making Comparisons

5. Making Decisions and Choices

6. Handling Multiple Values

7. Using Reptition


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