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EndNote: Adding and organizing references

Add References

Add References 

Importing Citations into EndNote Library

Before inserting citations and references into your Word document, you need to add references into your EndNote library.


To export an item from OneSearch to EndNote Library:


On the search results list, click on the item you would like to export.

  1. On the individual record page, click on the "Endnote Desktop" button ()  under the "Send to" section.
  2. Click Download.  You may ignore the encoding option.
  3. A ris file will be downloaded. While the EndNote Library is currently open, simply double click the ris file, the individual record will be added automatically to the EndNote Library.








To export a list of items from OneSearch to EndNote Library:


On the search results list:

  1. Select the checkboxes beside the items you would like to export.
  2. Click the "pin" icon () to add the selected items to My Favorites.
  3. At the top right corner, press the "pin" icon () to "Go to my favorite".
  4. Choose the items you need by selecting the checkboxes beside those items.
  5. Click on the "more" button () and select the "Endnote Desktop" button ().





Most academic databases support exporting references to EndNote:

  1. Select the citations you want to save with an "Add" button or checkbox.
  2. Look for a "Save", "Save to", "Export", "Export to" link (usually located on the search results page).
  3. Choose "Export to EndNote" or "Export to a bibliographic management tool" or a similar option.
  4. Follows on screen instructions to import the file to the Endnote Library. 

If you cannot import the file into the library, please go to your EndNote Desktop, click on "File" > "Import" > "File", choose the file you have just downloaded and choose "Reference Manager (RIS)" from Import Option and press the "Import" button to start importing.

Here is an example for Proquest:













Click on the View PDF button on an article page and it will open the PDF viewer.


You can view the PDF full text, save and share it, or add it to your reference manager:

Save to Locker

EndNote Click has a feature called "Locker", which is a folder you can add the PDF to and view the PDFs you have saved. EndNote Click provides a 100MB Locker storage size for a free user account. Please note that adding the article to your Locker does not add it to your EndNote software.


Download PDF / Share PDF

Download the PDF file onto your computer, or share the EndNote Click PDF link via email.


Export to EndNote Desktop / Push to EndNote Web

Both options add the article and its PDF to your EndNote Desktop. The Export option will download a RIS file while the Push option will add the article to your EndNote Web, which can be synced to your EndNote Desktop. You will be asked to log in to your EndNote Web account the first time you use the Push option.



For more information about EndNote Click, please click here.


1. Click on ReferenceNew Reference icon from the Endnote top icon bar.
2. Select the Reference type, e.g. book, journal article.
3. Enter the citation information, e.g. author, title, year. Click Save to save the changes. Close the box.





Examples of creating references manually in EndNote


You can preview how your saved reference will look in a chosen citation style. Make adjustments to ensure the reference is generated correctly.



Below are some common material types that require creating the reference manually.

Webpage with an author(s)

Johnson, A. (2018, May 24). “It doesn’t need to be this way”: The promise of specialised early intervention in psychosis services. IEPA.


Webpage without an author

HKBU Library. (2021, December 21). Popular e-resources at HKBU Library. HKBU Library.


Please note that for a group author, place a comma after the name in the "Author" field.

Online news

Briggs, H. (2022, April 14). Scientists map Caribbean coral reefs to tackle climate change. BBC News.


Articles from an online news site will be cited the same as a web page.

Newspaper article

Chik, H. (2022, April 25). ‘Obesity paradox’: Study of elderly Chinese finds higher BMI linked to lower mortality. South China Morning Post.


The newspaper articles type is used when the news outlet has a physical newspaper and has transitioned to an online presence. For example, the South China Morning Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, The New York Times, The Straits Times, etc.

Thesis or dissertation

Choi, S. Y. (2021). A socio-political study of the experimental practices of Hong Kong’s moving image art in the late 1960s [Master's thesis, Hong Kong Baptist University]. HKBU Scholars.


Online dictionary entry

Oxford University Press. (n.d.). Social science, n. In Oxford English Dictionary. Retrieved November 30, 2021, from


Please note that for a group author, place a comma after the name in the "Author" field.
The access date is needed because the definition may be updated in the future.

YouTube video

HKBU Library. (2021, October 21). Introduction to EndNote [Video]. YouTube.


Please note that for a group author, place a comma after the name in the "Created by" field.

Organize References

Organize References 

Manage your EndNote Library

You can search, sort, group, add tags, edit and back up your references in the EndNote library.

 Quick Search 


Click on any tab (e.g. Year)  to sort by selected field 

Custom Groups

  1. Select “Groups" > "Create Group”.
  2. Name your group.
  3. Select reference(s) in your library and drag them to the group.

Add tags

  1. From the top bar menu, select “Tags" > "Create Tags”.
  2. Name the new tag and select the color, click "Create Tag”.
  3. Drag the selected reference(s) to the Tag.

EndNote Tags

Edit References

  1. Double-click to select a reference.
  2. View the "Summary" to check if the reference information is correct.
  3. Click “Edit” to edit the reference.

Backup References

  1. Select “File" > "Save a Copy
  2. EndNote will export a .enl file with a data folder.