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Teaching Support at HKBU Library: Faculty Testimonials

Learn more about how the Library can support your teaching at HKBU


Faculty Testimonials

Prof. Liu Min-hua (TRAN)


Prof. Liu Min-hua (Professor, Department of Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies)

“In two of the classes I teach in the Translation Programme, TRAN2007 Translation Knowledge 4: Research Methods for Translation Studies and TRA7540 Research Methods for Interpreting Studies, the vast majority of the students do not have any experience in conducting research or in even reading research articles. They often feel intimidated and even resistant to the idea of research.

So, for the undergraduate course TRAN2007 in spring 2016, I required my students to attend tutorials on research and information skills and on presentation skills led by an Information Services Librarian. The students reported on having a very positive experience and being more confident and enthusiastic about approaching and reading about research.

For the graduate course TRA7540 (spring 2018), I worked more closely with the same librarian from the very beginning to design the course content. In this course, the librarian was no longer playing the role of a visiting speaker but was rather a co-instructor actively engaged in every step of my students’ learning process. Needless to say, this collaboration was very gratifying, not only in the progress I observed in my students’ becoming more savvy in their research and information skills, but also in my growth as an instructor.” 

Example presentation: TRA7540 Research Methods for Interpreting Studies Library session

Ms. Queenie Lee (FDS)


Ms. Queenie Lee (Lecturer II, Department of Finance and Decision Sciences; Associate Programme Director of MSc Finance (Financial Technology and Financial Analytics))

Ms. Queenie Lee from HKBU FDS

When I first joined HKBU, I worked closely with the library colleagues, especially the Library Liaison to the School of Business to deliver a workshop for BUSI 2036 Mathematics for Business, BUSI 2037 Business Statistics and Analytics, FINE 4026 Financial Technology for Banking and Finance, FIN 7920 Financial Technology (Fintech), FIN 7750 Financial Technology (Fintech), ISEM 4036 Cybersecurity and Data Privacy, ISEM 3026 ISEM Internship, BUSI 4005 BBA Honors Project (Finance and ISEM), and EDUC 7470 Statistics and Society.

The Liaison Librarian delivered a workshop to the internship course students on finding company information using library resources so as to maximize the chances of getting a job offer.

For other classes where the term paper/group project involved data analytics or emphasized innovation and reciprocation to society, the Liaison Librarian taught workshops on research skills, using the United Nations website and its resources, finding the UN Sustainability Goals, introduced data sources, along with other useful library resources.

All these workshops were well received and appreciated by me and the students, and advisees. I was told that they discovered much useful information for use in my own and other colleagues’ classes.” 

Example presentation: BUSI2037 Developing your Topics & Searching the Literature

Dr . Jatinder Mann (HIST)

Dr. Jatinder Mann (Assistant Professor, Department of History)

Picture of Dr. Jatinder Mann

“I asked my Faculty Liaison Librarian to offer a Library information session for my 'History of Australia since 1901' course in my first semester at HKBU last year. The students on the course had to write a coursework essay using primary sources. The librarian did a wonderful job of outlining some of the key primary resources that the library held for their research, e.g. Trove, an online database of Australian newspapers going back to the establishment of the Australian colonies in the 18th century. It was great to see my students make use of this resource and others that the librarian had drawn attention to in their essays, and they were certainly strengthened by them.

For a General Education course that I taught on Eminent Figures in the History of Various Disciplines and Professions it was not practical to have a Library information session as the class had 100 students and there was only one class per week. But the librarian very helpfully suggested providing an online tutorial and quiz for students on carrying out basic historical research and biographical research in particular. This was very useful as the class consisted of non-History students and the majority of them had understandably not carried out this kind of research before.

On the basis of the success of this support from the Library I asked for another Library information session for my 'History of Canada since 1867' course that I will be teaching in September 2018. I am confident that it will be equally successful. Also I asked the Library to offer sessions on referencing for a 'World History' core course that I will also be teaching again this year, as the majority of the students taking the course are freshmen, and so I believe that they will benefit from the sessions for the assignments they will have to write for the course. I am optimistic that these sessions will also go extremely well.

The support that I have received from the Library since I started working at HKBU has been amazing, and I truly hope that other institutions across the world had such a close working relationship between Faculty and Librarians as we have here at HKBU.” 

Example learning object: GDSS1065 Eminent Figures in the History of Various Disciplines and Professions: Short video on finding high-quality biographical information

Dr . Krzysztof Sliwinski (GIS)

Dr. Krzysztof Sliwinski (Associate Professor, Department of Government and International Studies)

“I have been cooperating with the Library for many years on a number of courses, from the foundation level up to advanced, final-year undergraduate courses. In all instances I find the service offered by the Library vitally important when teaching a wide variety of academic skills and values from citation and research to integrity and responsibility.

I value the input and expertise of HKBU librarians in the process of teaching so much that part of the final grade of each and every course that I offer goes towards assignments prepared and carried out by the Library. This is, I believe, a win-win-win situation for all us involved in the process of teaching – the students, the librarian, and the lecturer.

Students have enjoyed the librarian-led tutorials year after year, which is always indicated in both the official Teaching Evaluation as well as through informal feedback.” 

Example presentation: EURO4005 Current Issues of European Integration: Literature review workshop

Dr . Emilie Tran (GIS)

Dr. Emilie Tran (Assistant Professor, Department of Government and International Studies)

Headshot of Dr. Emilie Tran

“Ever since I joined HKBU, I've worked closely with our university library and in each and every occasion, I must say our library colleagues have been extremely helpful and efficient. Whenever I reach out to them, I get very swift and useful feedback.

First, the Research Visibility Team helped me create an ORCID ID and upload my outputs there. They also show me how to personalise my ORCID page.

Secondly, as a teacher and Honours Project Supervisor, I take my students for library workshops about referencing styles and the use of Mendeley software. This workshop has always been rated extremely useful by my students.

Thirdly, as the coordinator of the European Studies | French stream programme, I've liaised with our library colleagues to review all our library collection in French language. Our colleagues created a list and link, so that our French Stream students can now have at a glance all our library resources in French language, from books to journals and DVDs. Every year we order new books for our programme and the arrangement with the library has always been smooth as our librarians always do their best for the books to arrive by the start of the semester.

Our library has always been a great support to me as a researcher, teacher and programme coordinator, and also to my students! Thank you very, very much HKBU Library Team!"

Example presentation: EURO4015 Research Skills session

Dr. Patrick Yue (BIOL)

Dr. Patrick Yue (Lecturer I, Department of Biology)

“Engaging students in a traditional classroom and keeping them from falling asleep or being distracted by their cell phones is a great challenge for every lecturer. My teaching philosophy is “everyone brings something home”, which means that students should bear in mind at least one keyword or concept of the class that they can bring back in their memory and share in future. Easier said than done - putting one’s teaching philosophy into practice is not easy. Apart from paying attention to language proficiency and the media of instruction, it is our enthusiasm in education that matters the most.

In recent years, various modes and technologies of teaching such as online education, blended learning, SPOCs, etc have emerged as new trends of class teaching and indeed they enabled alternative methods to stimulate our students' learning and critical thinking. Together with the Liaison Librarian of the Faculty of Science, we successfully implemented different modes of teaching such as online learning objects (guided reading and exercises), theme-based guest lectures, poster and video assignment competitions to two of my senior courses - BIOL3140 Environmental Health and Toxicology and BIOL4015 Fermentation and Enzyme Technology.

For each course, the librarian provided professional and efficient support from project planning to execution. Undoubtedly, this is a win-win situation for students and HKBU where all parties benefited from different angles. Students’ happy faces in the class, their active participation in different channels and their high quality assignments… All of these demonstrated that our efforts have paid off, and these are also the driving force for me to keep advancing my teaching.” 

Example learning object: BIOL4015 Fermentation and Enzyme Technology Course Guide