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Finance Subject Guide: Find company information

Essential resources and research help for Finance students

Company information

Public & private company information - Library databases to use

The following library subscribed databases provide information on public or private companies.

Public Companies

Public companies

The company website, government statistical department, and stock exchanges are good places to find information about public companies.

Private Companies

Private companies

Unlike public companies, private companies are not legally required to release information about themselves to the public. Therefore, information about private companies could be much harder to find. Apart from the library databases listed on top, here are other suggestions to look for information: 

Company website: Depending on the company, some company websites are mainly used for selling products and services, whereas others may contain more information about the company itself. Larger private companies usually provide more information on its website than smaller private companies. 

News: Searching for news of a particular company could help identify key developments. Other than free online search engines, you can also make good use of the Library databases listed above.

Industry/Professional OrganizationsThese are organizations dedicated to a specific field, and members are usually professionals who are currently working in that field. They may organize events/activities for its members, and issue trade publications (e.g. magazines, newsletters, journals) that contain the latest news and trends within the field. Other than free online search engines, the following Library database also helps you find industry information and trade publications: