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Sources for Data-Mining: Other Regional Data

US Data

Major Data Portals

Data USA    FREE 

Co-developed by Deloitte, Datawheel, and MIT, the site brings together public US government data from various sources. Data can be pulled out by location, industry, occupation, etc.


Topical Data

  • It is the official source for spending data for the US Government. The site provides lots of data visualization and allows users to directly download the data sets.
  •   GOV'T 

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System: Data

  • The website provides monetary and financial data of the nation, including bank assets and liabilities, bank structure data, exchange and interest rates, business and household finance, etc.
  •   GOV'T 

Bureau of Labor Statistics

  • The website presents past and current statistics for the US economy that is arranged under broad categories such as "Inflation and Spending" and "International Statistics." Individual state economic data can also be obtained by clicking the state on a color-coded map.
  •   GOV'T 

IPUMS National Historical Geographic Information System

  • Managed by the University of Minnesota, this website provides access to summary tables and time series of population, housing, agriculture, and economic data from 1790.
  •   FREE 

UK Data

Major Data Portals

UK Data Service    FREE 

Managed by the University of Essex, the University of Manchester, and Jisc, the site holds several thousand datasets from national and international projects including key census data collections, NGO databases, and individual project data. If you are not living in the UK, you have to apply for a free account here ( in advance of accessing the data.


Office for National Statistics    FREE 

ONS is independent of ministers and the executive office of the UK Statistics Authority. This website provides lots of national data related to economics, trade, employment, and industry.


Topical Data

Higher Education Statistics Agency

  • HESA collects, processes, and publishes data about higher education (HE) in the UK. Data covers student, qualification, graduate, and staff information.
  •   GOV'T 

Australian Data

Major Data Portals

Australian Data Archive    GOV'T 

The Australian Data Archive (ADA) provides a national service for the collection and preservation of digital research data and to make these data available for secondary analysis by academic researchers and other users. Download of data requires approval.

Korea Data

Major Data Portals

Korean Statistical Information System    GOV'T 

Managed by Statistics Korea, KOSIS is Korea's extensive national statistical database, presenting national and international statistics arranged by subject or source. Population, agriculture, crime, and transportation data are available, as well as comparative economic and social indicators of South and North Korea. Only some information is in English.

Africa Data

Major Data Portals

Statistics South Africa    GOV'T 

Open data portal maintained by the government of South Africa is to produce and co-ordinate statistics on its economy and citizens. Data and publications are based on a variety of census and survey sources and can be searched by key theme, location, and indicator.

Kenya Open Data    GOV'T 

Open access government data from Kenya with over 160 data sets include the complete 2009 census, national budget data, nation and county public expenditure data, information on health care, and school facilities. Data are available in charts, tables, mapped, and raw data are downloadable in a variety of data formats.


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