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Sources for Data-Mining: China Data

Major Data Portals of the Government

政府網站 的數據專頁主要提供經濟數據,如:GDP,CPI,社會消費品零售總額,糧食產量,PPI,工業生產增長速度,固定資產投資等。網站也提供總人口數據。The English version of the "Statistics" section of the Government website is a very simplified counterpart. It looks more like a news blog with data instead of a data archive.

由國家統計局管理的「國家數據」提供了各式各樣的普查、地區及部門數據。Although the English version contains less information, "National Data" managed by the National Bureau of Statistics of China provides a good number of data sets on various aspects.


復旦大學主理的「中國開放數林指數列出省級及地級政府的數據平台,並提供了相關數據分享的評估結果。Managed by Fudan University, China Open Data Index lists data sharing websites developed by provincial and municipal governments, with corresponding evaluation results. Only Chinese version is available

Other Major Portals

Infobank 中國統計數據庫網站

  • 數據收錄自1995年以來國家及各省市地方統計局的統計年鑒及海關統計、經濟統計快報、中國人民銀行統計季報等月度及季度統計資料,其中部分數據可追溯至1949年,亦包括部分海外地區的統計數據 Mostly national and local statistics since 1995, but some go as far back as 1949
  • 只有中文版 Chinese version only

​CNKI 中國統計年鑒數據庫

​Contemporary Chinese Village Gazatteer Data 數字村莊

Business & Financial Data

CSMAR Research Data Services

  • 提供金融及經濟數據,包括股票、基金、債券、公司研究等不同系列 Provides economic and financial data such as stock market, funds, bonds, and company search


  • 由國家知識產權局管理 Managed by the National Intellectual Property Administration
  • 只有中文版,提供專利資料及數據 Chinese version only, providing patent information and data
  •   GOV'T 

國家企業信用信息公示系統 National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System

  • 由國家市場監督管理總局管理 Managed by the State Administration for Market Regulation
  • 只有中文版,提供各企業資料 Chinese version only, providing information of listed companies
  •   GOV'T 

Environmental Data


  • 由生態環境部管理 Managed by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment
  • 只有中文版,提供各樣的環境及生態數據 Chinese version only, providing various types of environment and ecology data
  •   GOV'T 

中國天氣 Weather China

  • 由中國氣象局管理 Managed by the China Meteorological Administration
  • 中文版提供氣象數據 Chinese version provides meteorological data, but the English version only provides weather forecast
  •   GOV'T 


  • 由中國環境監測總站管理 Managed by the China National Environmental Monitoring Centre
  • 只有中文版,提供中國各省空氣質素監測數據 Chinese version only, providing air quality data by province
  • (IE only)   GOV'T 


  • 由中國環境監測總站管理 Managed by the China National Environmental Monitoring Centre
  • 只有中文版,提供中國各水源的水質數據 Chinese version only, providing water quality data
  •   GOV'T 

中國林業數據庫 China Forestry Database

  • 由全國林業信息化工作領導小組管理 Managed by a governmental task force
  • 只有中文版,提供中國森林資源、濕地資源、荒漠化等數據 Chinese version only, providing data on natural resources
  •   GOV'T 

Legal Data


  • 由國家質量監督檢驗檢疫總局管理 Managed by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine
  • 只有中文版,提供各種法律法規資料 Chinese version only, providing national law and regulations
  •   GOV'T 

中國裁判文書網 China Judgements Online

  • 由最高人民法院管理 Managed by the Supreme People's Court
  • 只有中文版,提供於人民法院辦理的各刑事、民事、行政等案件的文件 Chinese version only, providing documents of legal cases handled by the courts
  •   GOV'T 

人民檢察院案件信息公開網 Case Information Disclosure of the People's Procuratorate

  • 由最高人民檢察院管理 Managed by the Supreme People's Procuratorate
  • 只有中文版,提供於人民檢察院辦理的各類案件的文件 Chinese version only, providing documents of legal cases handled by procurators
  •   GOV'T 

Data Exchange Platforms

這些大型的數據交易平台,部份由政府推動、部份由個別企業主理,主要服務已成功登記的公司會員及政府。Some were initiated by the Government and others were developed by commercial firms, these big data exchange platforms are closed system serving corporate members and the Government.

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