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Journalism Subject Guide: Research a topic

Find a topic

Find a topic

Identifying a topic for research can be challenging. Careful reading of introductory texts help you find motivation and focus your interests. 

Reference works (encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.) are great places to start. The authoritative background information they provide will help you explore and narrow different topics.

Research your topic

 Research your topic

  • Once you have selected a topic, decide on your thesis statement (i.e. the main point/argument that you want to make). This will help to guide you through the rest of your research.
  • Use the resources and tools described in this guide to search for books, articles, and other scholarly sources.
  • Work through the sources that you find systematically. You cannot include everything in your assignment, so choose only the most important sources for inclusion. Use your thesis statement to help select the most relevant information from the sources that you have selected.
  • Look for both quality and quantity in sources. Can you find enough sources to write about your proposed topic, or are there so many that the topic needs to be narrowed further? You may need to revise your thesis statement depending on the results of your search.
  • When in doubt, ask a librarian!

Manage your references

Manage your sources

Using online tools to manage the source you find during your research makes it easier to keep track of what you have found. You can annotate PDFs, make notes, and even automatically generate citations and bibliographies.

The Library recommends using Mendeley to manage your sources. Click here for our Mendeley Guide.