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Chinese Medicine Subject Guide: Get started with a topic

Find a topic

Find a topic

Identifying a topic for research can be challenging. A careful reading of introductory texts will allow you to find a topic in which you are interested.

At HKBU Library, we work closely with the School of Chinese Medicine. One product of this long-standing collaboration is the development of the Chinese Medicine Digital Databases, which provide you with free access to reference information encompassing many different aspects of Chinese Medicine.

Access HKBU's Chinese Medicine Open Access Databases

Furthermore, reference works such as encyclopedias and dictionaries are great places to start your research as well. The authoritative background information they provide will help you explore and narrow different topics. 

Research your topic

 Research your topic

After conducting some preliminary research, you will be in a position to formulate a clear and structured research topic.

Use the resources described in this guide to search for books, articles, and reviews.

Work through the sources that you find systematically. Look for both quality and quantity in sources. Can you find enough sources to provide a reliable picture of what has been confirmed, and what remains uncertain or not-yet-published?

When in doubt, ask a librarian! Below are some recommended books to help you kick-start your research project.