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ORGC 3006 Persuasion and Social Influence

Presentation and in-class activities for the ORGC 3006 Library workshop

Polling Question 1

When you begin working on a project, how do you select your topic?

Choose up to two practices that you usually do.

Please respond via:

Polling Question 2

Where do you find relevant theories/literature related to your topic?

Please select the information sources that you have used in the past.

Please respond via:

Polling Question 3

Which statement about the proper use of Wikipedia information is inaccurate? Please select all that apply.

  1. Wikipedia articles are verifiable and hold a neutral point of view.

  2. Almost everyone that uses Wikipedia also creates and edits Wikipedia articles

  3. Wikipedia is useful for getting background info and getting familiar with technical language or terminologies.

  4. Only a small number of people edit Wikipedia articles, and most of them are white and male


Please respond via:

Polling Question 5

Which search statement is most effective for searching the topic "Persuasion theories in communicating health"?

A) persuasion AND theories AND health

B) persuasion AND (theories OR models) AND health 

C) persuas* AND (theories OR models) OR health 

D) persuas* AND (theor* OR model* OR frame*) AND health