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Research Preparation for BSc in Math Final Year Project

Support final year Math student in the progress of completing their Honours Project


The landscape of academia is evolving fast. Journal articles and conference proceedings/transactions are the places where you can find most up-to-date information to a research topic/area.  When researchers make a breakthrough in their research field and would like to publicly announce it, sharing their research findings with their peers at conferences and/or submitting a paper to a journal would be their first choices.

How to find these journal articles/conferences?

In short, two options:

#1 Via search engines or database where these papers are indexed
#2 Directly from the journal publishers or the conference organizers' official website

Since normally we begin researching our topic by "keyword" searches, it is more effective to search databases rather than individual publisher sites. Searching databases normally can yield results which were published on a wide variety of platforms. Therefore, option #1 is more commonly used than option #2. 

Databases @HKBU Library

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