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Virtual Library Tour

Getting to know the HKBU Library with this virtual library tour!

Level 2 (Academic Commons)

Key Facilities & Resources on Level 2 (Academic Commons)


The Library's Academic Commons includes all of the public spaces on Levels 2 and 3 of the Main Library. Designed as a welcoming space for collaborative learning, the furniture and equipment in Academic Commons can be reconfigured for a variety of events and purposes. 

Many of the Learning Events organized jointly by the Library and the Language Centre are hosted here. These CCL-credit bearing activities provide students with further opportunities to broaden their horizons and enhance their skills. 

To provide maximum flexibility and convenience in catering for your study needs, Academic Commons opens 24 hours during the semester (including public holidays)! In addition, you can book one of six Group Study Rooms for your collaborative study!

Panorama view of the Level 2 Academic Commons from the centre


Photo sphere from the centre of Level 2


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Level 3 (Main Entrance & Academic Commons)

You will find yourself on Level 3 of the Library when you come through the main entrance on the Li Promenade. Our User Services Counter and Information Desk (for general enquiries and reference services) are located on this floor.

Apart from these two main facilities, you have access to many other library services and facilities such as 

  • Access to PC stations
  • Printing services (with Print Quota)
  • Popular Book Collections and newly arrived library materials
  • Course Readings (at User Services Counter)
  • UV book sterilizer
  • Exhibitions and special events/ceremonies if available

Check the panorama image below to see their locations and additional information!

Key Facilities & Resources on Level 3

360° panorama view of Level 3 from the centre


Photo sphere from the centre of Level 3 lobby


Photo sphere on the staircase between Level 3 and Level 4


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Level 4

Key Facilities & Resources on Level 4 (Main Library)

360° panorama view of Level 4 from the centre

Photo sphere from the centre of Level 4 open study area

The majority of our library physical collections are located on Level 4 and above. Designed to be silent reading and learning areas, please keep your voice down when you are on these floors.


  Level 4

English Books・Current Periodicals・HKBU Theses & DissertationsDissertations・Microforms・Oversize Books English & Chinese Reference Books・Hong Kong Reference


Special Collections & Archives Section

Special Needs User Room

Please refer to our floor plans webpage for more details.

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Level 4- Multimedia Learning Centre

Key Facilities & Resources in the Multimedia Learning Centre

Information is not limited to printed paper!

The Multimedia Learning Centre was originally started to house all non-print collections, but the Multimedia Learning Centre also provides a physical space, which embodies the Library’s mission to provide technology-enhanced services like Group Viewing Rooms and Multimedia Stations, high-levels of information literacy through library workshops at the Collaborative Computer Lab, facilities to support research like Postgraduate Study Rooms, and barrier-free access to information at Special Needs User Rooms.

It is also the heart of the Library’s effort to lead the university in data curation by providing quantitative data analysis tools in its Data Analysis Room and by promoting HKBU research through Digital Scholarship Projects.

360° panorama view of the MLC from the centre

Photo sphere of the Multimedia Learning Centre


  Level 4 - Multimedia Learning Centre
Collections Audio-visual Materials

Collaborative Computer Lab   Data Analysis Room  Group Viewing Rooms

Printer (Print Quota)      Scanners     Multimedia Carrels

Digital and Multimedia Services Section

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Level 5 to Level 7

Key Facilities & Resources from Level 5 to Level 7

                                             360° panorama view of Level 6 from the centre


The majority of our library physical collections are located on Level 5 to Level 7. Designed to be silent reading and learning areas, please keep your voice down when you are on these floors.


Levels Collections and Facilities

English Books ・English Bound Periodicals 

Faculty Reading Rooms

6 English Bound Periodicals・English BooksChinese Bound Periodicals
7 Chinese Books ・  Chinese Large Set

Photo sphere of the silent study side wing (right) of Level 5


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