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The 15th English Short Story Writing Competition: 2019 Winners Exhibition


The 15th English Short Story Writing Competition was jointly organized by the Language Centre and the Library. The competition was well-received by our students in both the undergraduate and graduate categories, and yielded a number of high-quality short stories. Dr. Patrick Holland (Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities and Creative Writing) served as our Final Round Judge. These compelling tales are certain to intrigue and delight you.

The HKBU Century Club Citywide English Poetry Competition & Exhibition 2020


Celebrating aspiring young poets among the undergraduate students in local universities, the HKBU Century Club Citywide English Poetry Competition entered its second year with award-winning poet Srikanth Reddy (University of Chicago) as the international judge.

In addition to a public reading, the competition joined forces with the Academy of Visual Arts (AVA) and the HKBU Library to exhibit student artwork in response to the poems. You are invited to explore the creative visions of students in both textual and visual formats.

With support from The HKBU Century Club, this project is co-organised by the Department of English Language and Literature and the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing, in partnership with the Hong Kong Poetry Festival Foundation, the International Writers' Workshop, and the AVA. 

Hong Kong Wildtracks 香港自然蹤跡 ( 25Oct - 20Nov, 2019 )



Hong Kong has rich biodiversity. This around 1,100 km2 land is the home of plenty wildlife, including over 550 bird species, 57 mammal species, 110 species of amphibians and reptiles etc. They are not only neighbours to us, but also the inhabitants of Hong Kong who share the same piece of land with us.

To promote Hong Kong's biodiversity and protect the natural ecology, the College of International Education, Hong Kong Baptist University and the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society jointly established the website "Hong Kong Wildtracks" and held an exhibition, which combines different elements of geographic information, ecology and scientific research. Despite research and education work on biodiversity usually rely on vision, senses other than vision are very useful in exploring and studying the nature. In order to promote local nature and biodiversity to the general public, "Hong Kong Wildtracks" adopts nature sound as the theme. Along with information from bird research, an interactive audio map incorporating an avifauna database is built. Universities and general public can have a better understanding on the local nature and conducting scientific research.

The Divine Plan at Work 靈龜告猶 ( 13Sep - 20Oct, 2019 )





100 years of Bauhaus 包浩斯一百年 ( 19 - 31 Aug, 2019 )

The Bauhaus was one of the most significant schools of art, design and architecture in the 20th century. As a new idea and pioneering modernist concept, it revolutionised the different arts and found followers around the world. One hundred years after it opened, it still inspires artists across the globe.

The Berlin architect Walter Gropius founded the Bauhaus in 1919 in Weimar, as a university for design. Following moves to Dessau in 1925 and Berlin in 1932, when the Nazis seized power in 1933 they forced its then director, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, to close the school down.

One of the precepts of the Bauhaus was to strengthen craftsmanship in the face of industrialisation. Consequently, it was not just architecture that emerged from its various workshops, but also works of painting, sculpture, photography, furniture, weaving, metalwork and ceramic.

There is no such thing as a unified Bauhaus style. Rather, its character was developed by the prominent artists who taught at the Bauhaus, or who learned their trade there. These include Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Lyonel Feininger and Marianne Brandt – still some the most important artists of modernism, even today.


柏林建築師瓦特·格羅皮佑斯(Walter Gropius)於1919年創立包浩斯(Bauhaus)做為威瑪設計學院(Weimar)。它在1925年搬到德索、1932年又搬遷至柏林之後,1933年在遭受當時執政的納粹黨徒的強大壓力之下,院長路德維希·密斯·凡德羅不得不關閉包浩斯。



Peregrination in Bookplates 到此票遊 ( 4Apr - 9Aug, 2019 )

Co-organized by the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) Library and the Academy of Visual Arts (AVA) with the strong support from the Centre for Innovative Service-Learning (CISL), Peregrination in Bookplates is an exhibition which proposes the perspective of a traveler to view the bookplates donated by the members of the Hong Kong Ex-Libris Association (HKEA) and selected bookplates by AVA students (VART2306 Art in the 20th Century). Bookplate is itself a tiny print attached to the inside front-cover of a book to indicate its ownership. In this exhibition, the donated bookplates from HKEA members show a great variety in subject matter and techniques, providing an overview of bookplates in Hong Kong for audience unfamiliar with this art. For students’ works, the idea of “peregrination” corresponds to the journey they took to conduct research on public art in Hong Kong, the results of which are shown in their bookplates.

The German PhotoBook Exhibition 2018 ( 14Jan-14Feb ; 18Feb - 13Mar, 2019 )


14 Jan - 14 Feb at AML;

18 Feb - 13 Mar at SMCL

- 100 award-winning books and competition entries for year 2018

- HKBU Students' Photobooks


- In Dialogue: Photobooks from Germany to Hong Kong


- Mr. Kalen Lee ( Assistant Professor, HKBU Academy of Visual Arts )

- Dr. Almuth Meyer-Zollitsch ( Director, Goethe-Institut HK )

歷史系四十週年誌慶展覽 An Exhibition In Commemoration Of The 40th Anniversary Of The Department Of History (05-29 / 11 / 2018)

  • 舊照重溫 - Selected Photos of Our 40-year Journey

  • 現任老師著述 - Publications of Current History Faculty Members

  • 校友著述 - Publications of History Alumni

  • 其他珍藏 - Other Treasures

大學會堂四十週年展覽 Academic Community Hall 40th Anniversary Exhibition (04-23 / 10 /2018)

大學會堂,前稱大專會堂,在香港演藝事業發展上曾擔任重要角色。四十年來,演藝巨星如梅艷芳、張國榮、Air Supply、Tom Jones等及大型節目,如《十大中文金曲頒獎音樂會》、《香港電影金像獎》頒獎禮、經典綜藝節目《歡樂今宵》、黑澤明電影放影、大專院校公民教育晚會、「香港太太」選舉等亦在這裡留下歷史足跡。




果: 珠寶設計作品展 Guo : Jewellery Design Show (04 -18 / 09 / 2018)

以《果》為名的珠寶設計作品展,是2018年商業設計高級文憑(珠寶設計及商品展示) 畢業同學迸發潛能的成果,更包含從果實中孕育出新種子的意義,寓意同學為未來發展萌芽,創意生生不息。當中的創作主題天馬行空且多元化 ,體現他們對不同物料與技術的實驗及探討,讓觀眾對珠寶設計及商品展示有更嶄新、更有趣的視覺體驗。


「藝林築跡」 - 香港社區藝術與歷史建築 Footprints of Art In The Community (12 / 4 - 2 / 7 / 2018)


展覽日期: 二零一八年四月十二日至七月二日

香港浸會大學中文系55週年系慶書法展 (9 / 4 - 18 / 5 / 2018)





展覽日期: 二零一八年四月九日至五月十八日

IWW 2018- Writer in Residence -Mr. Ma Jian - Book Exhibition (26 / 4 - 18 / 5 / 2018)

To celebrate this year's IWW Writer-in-Residence, an exhibition on Mr. Ma Jian(馬建) will be held in the library lobby from 26th April. You can view the library collection as well as the donated 30 copies of Mr. Ma's publication in various translations. You can find more information from Internationals Writers' Workshop.

Co-organizer: International Writers' Workshop

“Chinese Wartime Science through the Lens of Joseph Needham” Exhibition (22 / 1 - 23 / 2 / 2018)

The Hong Kong Baptist University Library, in collaboration with the East Asian History of Science Foundation Hong Kong (EAHSF HK) and History Department presents the exhibition “Chinese Wartime Science through the Lens of Joseph Needham” from 22 January – 23 February, 2018.  

The exhibition features 11 boards and a short video for viewers to gain an understanding of the life of Dr. Joseph Needham (1900-1994) and his contribution to the history of science and technology in China.

Date: 22 January  - 23 February, 2018


Fragile Impressions: Photographs taken in China on behalf of the China Inland Mission (20 / 11 - 14 / 12 / 2017)

In the exhibition “Fragile Impressions”, we present a selection of 26 lantern slides and glass and film negatives from the “China through the Eyes of CIM Missionaries” HKBU Library Special Collection. The selection represents “Fragile Impressions” in two ways: fragility and flimsiness in physical condition and the very fragile and ephemeral nature of the photographed. Many of the photographs are either printed on or enclosed by brittle glass plates, some of which are heavily damaged. In addition, the images’ motifs are “fragile” and unstable. Many of the photographs appear to be records of everyday life and historic snapshots, but, as we see when we look more closely, were in fact staged for the camera.

Date: 20 November - 14 December, 2017

瓷相在香港 流動博物館 Porcelain Photo in Hong Kong: A mobile museum (3 - 16 / 11 / 2017)​


展覽日期: 2017年11月3至16日

The Art of Prints x Especially for Books: Special Exhibition on International Ex Libris (20 / 4 - 8 / 7 / 2017)

Opening ceremony

Date: April 20, 2017 (Thursday)

Time: 14:30

Officiating guests and hosts

Mr. Kendall Crilly, University Librarian, HKBU

Prof. John Aiken, Director of AVA, HKBU

Mr. Edward Wong, Collector

Dr. Yu-an Ni (Wang Wu), Artist

Ms. Malou Hung, Artist

Dr. Sarah Ng, Exhibition curator and research assistant professor, AVA

Curator-led guided tour

Date: April 20, 2017 (Thursday)

Time: 14:15 or after the ceremony

Language: Cantonese

No registration required.


Details of the exhibition

Period: April 20, 2017 (Thursday) to July 8, 2017 (Saturday)

IWW 2017- Writer in Residence -Ms. Li Zi Shu - Book Exhibition (11 / 4 - 11 / 5 / 2017)

To celebrate this year's IWW Writer-in-Residence, an exhibition on Ms. Li Zi Shu (黎紫書) will be held in the library lobby from 11th April.  Not only you can view the author's publications, her manuscripts which is part of her donations to the library is also on display. You can find more information from Internationals Writers' Workshop.

Co-organizer: International Writers' Workshop

She says – Photographing Ethnic Minority Women of Hong Kong (4/1 - 7 / 2 / 2017)

“She says – Photographing Hong Kong Ethnic Minority Women” is Hong Kong Unison’s second collaboration with photojournalist Lam Chun Tung. Through this series of portraits and stories of 17 women from diverse backgrounds, we set out to tell their life stories and break stereotypes. What we captured at the end was picture upon picture of courage, compassion, strength and grace.

We hope that this series of photos and stories will begin to foster mutual understanding, so that Hong Kongers shall see past the one-dimensional stereotypes, and get to appreciate ethnic minorities as diverse individuals who contribute to the social fabric of Hong Kong. 

【她說 ─ 鏡頭下的少數族裔香港女性】是香港融樂會與攝影記者林振東的第二度合作。透過十七位香港少數族裔女性的相片和故事,她們訴說對生活堅毅而自信的想法,流露出溫暖而硬朗的特質。


休憩空間與歷史記憶: 全球中山公園圖片展 (2016年11月11日至12月29日)





展覽日期: 2016年11月11日至12月29日

IWW 2016- Visiting Writers (The Written World) - Book Exhibition (2 - 30 / 11 / 2016)

The annual programme of International Writers’ Workshop (IWW), Visiting Writers 2016, will be held between 26 October and 24 November this year. With the theme of "The Written World" for the 2016 events, six writer from the world are coming to Hong Kong. They are an Indonesian writer, a Nigerian-Finnish writer, poets from Turkey and the US, as well as a Malaysian-Chinese writer and a novelist from China. We are pleased to introduce you: 
Ms. Asma Nadia (Indonesian novelist and non-fiction writer)
Ms. Minna Salami (Nigerian-Finnish Writer)
Prof. Brian Kim Stefans (American Poet)
Ms. Müesser Yeníay (Turkish Poet)
Mr. King Ban Hui 龔萬輝先生 (Malaysian-Chinese Writer)
Ms. Lin Bai 林白女士 (Chinese Novelist)  

You can find more information from Internationals Writers' Workshop.

Co-organizer: International Writers' Workshop

Joni Gutierrez- "Home for Now: Two Studies on the Hong Kong Lifeworld" Exhibition (1 - 30 / 6/ 2016)

The following works featured in the exhibition are from Joni Gutierrez’work-in-progress thesis project, Hong Kong Series

Date: 1 June - 3 July, 2016
Venue: L3, Hong Kong Baptist University Au Shue Hung Memorial Library

Hong Kong: Study One
experimental documentary

Hong Kong: Study Two
photography exhibition

Joni is a PhD Candidate (Film & Media Studies) at the HKBU School of Communication.

A House United: The Latest Comics and Graphic Novels in German (25 / 9 - 20 / 10 / 2017)

Organized by Goethe Institut & HKBU Library, "A House United" exhibtion brings you some of the best works of German comics and graphic novels in recent years.

Date: 25 September - 20 October, 2017

Let’s tell better stories - an exhibition of the creative, critical and cultural works of HMW staff (24 / 3 - 28 / 4 / 2017)

Creative. Cultural. Critical

Department of Humanities and Creative Writing

Let's tell better stories …

This special collection of books showcases the academic, creative and popular works of academic staff in the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing in the past 2 years.

Book Exhibition: 24 March - 28 April, 2017


Introducing Gender Studies Concentration (13 / 2 - 9 / 3 / 2017)

The GS Concentration, first of its kind at HKBU, aims at delivering a unique opportunity for students to add breadth to their major studies, through being exposed to the way gender intersects with a variety of spheres of knowledge, power relations, and professional settings.

Exhibition: 13 February - 9 March, 2017

Information Session & Scholarly Talk: 13 February 2017

Imagined Lives Exhibition: Responses to the HKBU Library Chinese Propaganda Posters Collection

The 2015-2016 class of Anthropology of Art (AVA) used the HKBU Library Chinese Propaganda Poster collection as primary source materials. The students each chose a poster from the collection that appealed directly to them on an immediate, superficial level. They then embarked on an in-depth study of their chosen poster as both a visual reality and a lived reality that impacted on the lives of the people around it.

Their research had them following the development of the medium from the birth of mass advertising on the streets of fin de siècle Paris to a powerful tool for mobilising nations in times of great turmoil. After detailed contextual analysis of their posters, they then set about the more speculative Imagined Lives Projects. This project brought the focus back to the individual, with the students imagining a protagonist caught up in the great events.

This exhibition presents a selection of these projects alongside a larger selection from the library collection.

Check out the library poster collection here.

烏托邦與人文學術系列:烏托邦面面觀 - 主題書展 (31 May - 30 June, 2016)

《烏托邦》一書是英國16世紀傑出的人文主義者和社會主義者多瑪斯·摩爾(Thomas More,1478-1535)的傳世經典,該書撰寫於1515-1516年,今年正好是成書五百周年。


主辦: 香港浸會大學文學院

協辦: 國立台灣師範大學文學院、香港浸會大學圖書館

IWW 2016- Writer in Residence -Ms. Shih Shu Ching - Book Exhibition (28 / 4 - 31 / 5 / 2016)

To celebrate this year's IWW Writer-in-Residence, an exhibition on Ms. Shih Shu-ching (施叔青) is being held in the library lobby until the end of May.  Not only you can view the author's publications, her manuscripts which is part of her donations to the library is also on display.    You can find more information from Internationals Writers' Workshop.

Co-organizer: International Writers' Workshop