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Library Online Tutorial -- Basic Library and Information Skills for Students

A series of mini-tutorials to help beginning researchers learn basic library and information skills.

Library Online Tutorial

Welcome to the Library Online Tutorial!

This series of 5 interactive tutorials was designed to introduce you to basic library and information skills. The tutorials cover topics such as understanding citations, recognising plagiarism and referencing sources in academic writing. They're perfect for new students, or for more experienced students that want to brush up their skills.

First Year Undergraduate Students: After watching the tutorials, take the Quiz to be entered into a lucky draw for HK$100 coffee cards!

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1 - How to understand citations

Learn how to identify the elements of a citation, so that you can locate items on a reading list or bibliography.

How to understand citations (full version)

Length: 2:14. Interactive components: 3

2 - What is plagiarism & how to avoid it

Learn how to recognise plagiarism and identify three ways to reference sources in academic writing.















What is plagiarism and how to avoid it (full version)

Length: 3:29 | Interactive components: 6

3 - How to get background information

Learn about the features of dictionaries & encyclopedias that make them excellent sources of background information.

How to find background information on a topic (full version)

Length: 5:45 | Interactive components: 3

4 - How to find a research question

Learn how to use a three-step formula to describe the topic, question and significance of your research.

How to find a good research question

Length: 2:33

5 - Get the most out of the Library

Learn how the Library can support you in your studies.

How to get the most out of the Library (full version)

Length: 4:44 | Interactive components: 5