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Like other reference managers, one of the key features of Mendeley is the ability to insert references into your papers as you write them, and to automatically generate the citations for them. This will save you a tremendous amount of time, and will also help ensure your bibliographies are accurate.

The video on this page shows you how to Generate Citations using a special plug-in for Microsoft Word (which works in both the Windows and Mac version of Word).

Quick Citations

If you just need a citation for one item in your Mendeley library, you can use the "Copy as Citation" function. Just highlight the article you want to cite, and then choose the following menu option:


This will copy a citation to the clipboard. You can then paste the citation into another programme (e.g. Word). It will be in whichever citation style is currently selected in Mendeley.

Generating Citations

Watch the video below to learn how to use the Mendeley plug-in for Micorsoft Word to quickly insert citations into your own documents:

Video Credit: Video was created by MendeleyResearch, under the Creative Commons CC BY license. 

Generating Citations (footnotes)