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Learn about the ORCID initiative, and how ORCID is being adopted at HKBU

ORCID and Research Visibility @HKBU

The institutional adoption of ORCID is a key component of the University's research support efforts. We aim to ensure that every member of our research faculty has an ORCID account registered with the University. Our team proactively reaches out to faculty and asking them to create ORCID accounts using the system designed by the project team, or to connect their existing ORCID iD to our system if they have one already. Our system allows us to record our researchers' ORCID iDs for easy reporting to the University Grants Council when required.

These connections also allow us to populate faculty accounts with information about their latest research output.

Other members of the HKBU community interested in learning more about ORCID are also welcome to contact us.

If you are a faculty member that has still not connected their account, please feel free to contact the team.

ORCID account creation and population

All research faculty will receive an invitation to create an ORCID account using our system. The process is extremely straightforward - most personal data will be pre-filled, and faculty will simply have to confirm their e-mail address and choose a password.

If you already have an ORCID account, you need only provide their existing account details to the system.

We may already have details of your research output on file in our system. These data will be included in both newly created ORCID accounts and existing accounts that are linked to our system.

Citation upload service

Want to add more of your papers to your ORCID iD? We can help!

We are more than happy to add publications to your ORCID iD. Simply e-mail your publication list to, and we will do the rest!

Important points to note:

  1. Currently, only the following publication types are eligible for this service: Peer-reviewed journal articles, books, book chapters, conference proceedings
  2. Depending on the number of publications on your list and on how many other requests we have received, it may take some time to process your list. We will advise you soon after submission on how long we expect it to take.

Grant permission to others to update your ORCID iD

We know that faculty have many teaching, research, and service responsibilities, and may not have time to keep their ORCID record up to date. Apart from the automatic updates enabled by linking your account to the HKBU system, you can also grant permission to colleagues that may be helping you keep your research profiles up to date (e.g. Research Assistants, Departmental administrators).

The relevant option can be found in your ORCID account settings as shown below:

Screenshot showing location of option to add trusted individuals