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Learning Events @ HKBU Library

by Chris Chan on 2017-03-08T13:11:00+08:00

Why Learning Events?

HKBU prepares its students to be independent lifelong learners with an open mind and inquisitive spirit. This means going beyond the formal curriculum and seeking out other learning opportunities. The Library's Learning Events programme provides our students with interesting workshops and activities to help meet this need.

Events are usually held in the Library Academic Commons, which provides the space and facilities to make events successful. Facilitators come from across HKBU's Department and Offices, enabling events to cover a wide variety of different topics. No matter what interests you, I am sure that there is an event that will appeal to you. Last week I attended an event on cloud computing conducted by Dr. Kristen Li (COMP), and learned about some useful tools to help me with my daily work (see photo below).

We are about halfway through this semester's programme, but there are still plenty more interesting events to come. I am particularly looking forward to the event on 6 April entitled: DIY Mobile apps: It's easier than you think!​ Computer programming is something that both intrigues and intimidates me, and it will be great to have an opportunity to learn more about it from professionals working at the University.

You can check out the full programme of events here.

Although students are encouraged to register for events in advance, it is not a must. If you see that a Learning Event is about to start, feel free to ask the facilitator if there is room for you to drop in!

If you have questions about our events (or suggestions for new events) feel free to let me know -

Dr. Kristen Li conducts a Learning Event on Cloud Computing in March 2017

Dr. Kristen Li (COMP) conducting a Learning Event on 2 March 2017

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