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Did you know that we have two well-equipped Special Needs User Rooms at the Library?

by Ernest Lam on 2018-01-22T11:21:00+08:00 | Comments

Our Library provides a comprehensive range of facilities for students with special educational needs. They include:

Height Adjustable Desk for wheelchair users


Multifunctional Mini Table Stand for visually impaired users

  • Assist in reading books and use of laptop by allowing user to move closer to read the text

​​Long Arm Video Magnifier and Handheld Electronic Magnifier for low vision and colour blind users

  • Assist in magnifying printed materials
  • Provide different colour modes and contrast enhancement

Braille Embosser for visually impaired users

  • Capable of producing double-sided braille

Tactile Graphics Maker for visually impaired users

  • Produce tactile diagrams from swell paper by heating
  • Help users to learn shapes and graphical information

Trackball Mouse
 for users with limited hand movement

  • Help users who find it difficult to use standard mouse due to limited hand movement

Screen Reading Software and Braille Display for visually impaired users


  • With the screen reading software, all text can be converted to speech and braille

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